Experience and projects

Experience and Projects

We have experience and knowledge to deliver successful solutions to our customers.

Our professionals bear all required certificates from IBM and Microsoft which are updated following new versions releases:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Financials
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Installation & Configuration
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 C/SIDE Solution Development
  • IBM Certified Developer IBM Cognos TM1
  • IBM Certified Specialist IBM Cognos TM1Data Analysis
  • IBM Cognos BI Metadata Model Developer
  • IBM Software Support Provider Certificate of Completion

Our director of technologies Igor Khramov joined the company from its foundation at 2002 and brought to the company a broad range experience in elaboration and implementation of different ERP (Platinum, SUN Business, SCALA, FourthShift, SAP R/3) and CPM (Applix TM1 (IBM Cognos TM1), Oracle Sales Analyzer, Oracle Financial Analyze, Hyperion) systems working as IT Manager for such multinational companies like Procter & Gamble, Mars, Tambrands and Gillette from 1992 since 2002.

Knowledge and experience sharing, own knowledge database distinguish our company and allow our specialists to keep high professional standards.

Business Performance Management - IBM Cognos TM1
Clients and Projects

Solita Oy, Finnland, Helsinki

IT consulting and servicing company.

Implemented functionality

Implementation of actual data management reporting (performance and P&L) and planning system on the basis of IBM Cognos Express (TM1+BI). Developed planning and management reporting system consist of:

  • Subsystem to report and store recorded consultants work hours, accounting company revenue and expenses data by persons, departments and business units, customers, projects, labour types. Functionality to support calculation of standard hour cost. Functionality to support allocation of labour costs related to internal projects, sales and presales and studying between business units based on personal hours. Functionality for absorption cost variance calculation with allocation capabilities.
  • Subsystem to plan on-going projects and opportunities in terms of revenue, expenses and labour cost based on employees and subcontractors hours spent. Resources planning analysis and review by roles and names, projects, customers, departments and business units.

Different types of plan-fact reporting including P&L by business units, projects and customers. Rolling forecast reports.
Integration with existing DW by means of Turbo Integrator processes to synchronized dimensions and actual data uploading.

JSC "General Satellite"

Electronics, packing materials and construction.

Implemented functionality

IBM Cognos Express (TM1+BI) project.
Implemented TM1 functionality includes planning / budgeting subsystems and actual business data collection on a daily and monthly basis for seven different companies by means of Turbo Integrator chores from Corporate Data Warehouse. Planning and budgeting subsystems for each company provide the ability to create unlimited number of plans and budgets.
Planning system supports such features as rolling type planning with twelve months horizon and new versions of plan entry, multiple business lines PFO, production and procurements plans verification and synchronization between companies for intercompany products, intercompany eliminations, direct and absorption cost methods with and without intercompany eliminations. Data Warehouse has been designed and implemented to collect actual data with different levels of details from numerous heterogeneous business systems by means of ETL chores.
TI chores have been designed and implemented for further actual data transfer from DW into TM1 cubes which are storing pre-aggregated actual data for management and P&L reporting at TM1.
Different user interfaces have been designed by means of TM1 Web, Cognos Insight, Cognos Query and Report Studios to meet different user role’s requirements in consolidation reporting, "plan-fact" analysis and "what-if" simulations from TM1 cubes and DW tables.

JSC "Soda", Sterlitamak, Russia

Chemical industry. Ash soda production.

Implemented functionality

IBM Cognos Express (TM1+BI) project.
Cash flow planning and budgeting on yearly and monthly basis by departments. Support of amendments requests for departmental expenditures to transfer budget amounts between expense accounts and departments with on-line interactive control of quarter budgeted limits. Actual expenses data uploads from accounting system by means of Turbo Integrator processes. "Plan-fact" analysis and control by means of different reports and views.

Group of Companies "Rubeg", Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Import and wholesales of meat and meat products of deep freezing via its own refrigerating distribution centre. Production and distribution of premium quality meat gastronomy (sausage goods and meat delicatessen). Production and distribution of frozen and chilled whole chicken and wide variety of chilled semi-prepared products from own poultry farms.

Implemented functionality

Daily sales and expenses collection and consolidation from numerous heterogeneous business systems by means of automatic regular batch processes. Different user interfaces (web, Excel) provide users with the capability to create their own reports and analysis, including "plan-fact" variance reports and analysis, without IT requests.
Planning and budgeting parts of the system give the ability to have unlimited number of plans and budgets, operational and strategic planning within one system.
What-if scenarios within manufacturing planning subsystem provides the ability to consider different sales forecasts, BOM’s and optimize yearly and monthly raw materials procurement plans.
What-if scenarios planning within meat import business allow to optimize the ratio between quotable and non-quotable items.
Business lines profitability planning and budgeting functionality allows to estimate product margins and their contribution in business line profit while "plan-fact" analysis allow to see how and why actual operations are not meeting the planned ones.

"Vesta" LLC, Moscow, Russia

Clothes and underwear sales and distribution via different channels including own net of outlets.

Implemented functionality

System supports two cycles of sales forecasts for the future fashion season based on statistical data from similar previous seasons. First cycle allows to plan on patterns level while the second one details the sales forecasts for the approved patterns to the levels of size, color, customer / channel and region.
System supports two types of sales forecasts - yearly with month’s scale and quarterly with week’s scale.
Interfaces to synchronize data directories with legacy system and data upload have been provided.

Emirates Foodstuff and Mineral Water Company (AGTHIA), UAE

The region leading food and mineral water company including manufacturing and sales companies specialized on manufacturing and sales of flour and animal’s feed, manufacturing and sales of mineral water, wholesales and distribution of world-wide leading brands of tea and coffee, manufacturing and sales of tomato paste, jams, frozen and canned vegetables.

Implemented functionality

Data interfaces to transfer daily sales and expenses data from each company ERP system Dynamics NAV into TM1 database on a daily basis or/and under request.
Consolidated and cost variance reporting. Consolidated and companies P&L’s and Balance Sheets.
Brands profitability reporting. Expenses analysis by departments and types. Planning and budgeting with "what-if" scenarios.

KOMATSU CIS LLC, Moscow, Russia

Sales and distribution of the wide range of Komatsu machines within CIS.

Implemented functionality

Rolling forecasts, planning and budgeting with "what-if" scenarios. Data warehousing and CIS consolidation reporting with "plan-fact" variance analysis.

GMCS, Moscow, Russia

GMCS – one of the leading Russian IT company in ERP and BPM systems implementation business.

Implemented functionality

Implemented functionality within GMCS implementation project of IBM Cognos TM1 planning and budgeting system for energetic company OGK-4.
Development of the functionality for dynamic assignment of user’s rights allowing and denying data access as an addition to the standard workflow budgeting process. Development of the subsystem for the expenses gathering by the sources of their incurrence.

Gillette Group, FSU/Russia

Consumer goods – shaving, batteries and home appliances.

Implemented functionality

Planning and budgeting by brands, companies and departments. Actual business data uploads from SAP R/3, 4th Shift and SCALA by means of TM1 processing worksheets.
System provided functionality included FSU data consolidation in different currencies and GAAP adjustments to convert statutory reports to Gillette intercompany reporting standards to be submitted to HQ in London.
Functionality to support conversion of item’s statutory production cost into item’s intercompany production cost.


ERP system - Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Clients and Projects

Emirates Foodstuff and Mineral Water Company (AGTHIA), UAE
(in partnership with INFOSYS)

The region leading food and mineral water company. The Dynamics NAV system has been implemented at the following companies - manufacturing and sales of flour and animal’s feed, manufacturing and sales of mineral water, wholesales and distribution of world-wide leading brands of tea and coffee.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality

Sales, AR, Purchasing, AP, Inventory , Accounting and Controlling accounting, Manufacturing including multi-level BOM’s and Machine Centers, MRP and MPS.

"TD Agro-Line" Ltd., Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Import and wholesales of frozen and cooled meet products within Russia.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality

Sales, AR, Purchasing, AP, Inventory , Russian Accounting, Controlling accounting.
Customization and new functionality developed to meet veterinary legislation and to implement logistics management with payment scheduling following logistic events.

Hotel "Ambassador" ****, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Four stars hotel with bars & restaurants, business center, spa & laundry.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality

Hotel sales & AR, Bars & restaurants sales & AR, Inventory, Purchasing & AP, Production accounting, Russian accounting, Controlling accounting, Multicurrency, Fixed Assets.

ZAO "Rosmark Steel", Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Sales and distribution of band-saw machines. Manufacturing of band-saw blades.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality

Sales, AR, Purchasing, AP, Inventory , Russian Accounting, Controlling accounting, Fixed Assets, Cable-to-Promise manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Group of the companies: ZAO "Rosmark" and ZAO "Rosmark SPb", Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Sales and distribution of the professional instrument for manufacturing companies inside CIS.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functionality

Sales, AR, Purchasing, AP, Inventory , Russian Accounting, Controlling accounting, Companies consolidation and reporting, Fixed Assets, Payroll. Integration with MS Access.