Ready to use models for IBM Cognos TM1

Consider ready to use models for IBM Cognos TM1 below.

Model for Distributors

Distribution template could be helpful to the wholesales & distribution companies to plan sales, to optimize stock and manage cash flow more efficiently.
What should be my purchasing strategy to meet stock requirements with minimum cash spent? What period cash deficits could be expected? What is the most ambitious but realistic forecast?
These and other questions could be answered with the help of our solution based on IBM Cognos TM1 for a distribution business.


Model for Manufacturers

Manufacturing scenarios playing capabilities provide planners with functionality to investigate and optimize the way to meet demands from sales planning. Procurement planning functionality addresses the needs of raw material requirements planning for each manufacturing period and production center within different production schedules. Finished and semi-finished item’s manufacturing cost planning is based on BOM variants and production routes.
Item’s full cost calculations by fixed and variable overheads distribution on produced items. Material and overhead cost components analysis.


Model for Holding Companies

Different versions of sales plans and budgets on the levels of brands, items, clients, regions and sales managers unveil revenue drivers for individual companies and on holding company level.
Expenses' planning by types and cost centers for individual companies with further consolidation on holding company level provides management team with better cost saving ideas.
Brand profitability scenarios, direct cost variances on items level, consolidation reporting including P&L, BS and cash flow reports and many other features enforce company competitive advantages.


Especially for meat products production

While planning and budgeting our solution provides capabilities to have different assortment scenarios and identify for each of them raw material requirements based on recipes. Item cost calculation based on recipe gives an opportunity to find the right balance between quality and cost.