Application for configuring Manufacturing model (Configurator)

We've designed web based application for our Customers to provide them with simple and intuitive configuration tool to generate and configure the core calculation engine of the manufacturing model.
Configurator for Manufacturing model provides intuitive user’s interface to define manufacturing stages, manufacturing centers at each stage and Bill of Materials for each manufacturing center and other configuration parameters. It is very important that by means of Configurator it is possible to reconfigure the model by adding new stages, machine centers and Bill of Materials without requesting this type of job to be done by any third party.

There are three basic configuration steps in system setup which Configurator supports.

  • Step 1. General and manufacturing time scales setup.

  • Step 2. Manufacturing scheme setup including stages and manufacturing centers definitions.

  • Step 3. Bills of Materials are configured for each manufacturing center.

Configurator provides functionality of adding, deleting and coping of manufacturing centers and bills of materials. Following user entries Configurator changes model dimensions, add or delete model cubes and attach appropriate rules.

After completion of the above steps the Manufacturing Model core is ready for data entry or loading and scenarios calculation.